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Sometimes I don’t want to hear what Claudia has to say because she will always tell me anything is possible, everything is possible. There are days I want her to take my excuses, my “but no not possible for me”, my “can’t happen” seriously. But this is exactly what sets Claudia apart. With empathy she nods at your hurt, your fear, your disappointment, but she never stops there. She is unrelenting in her belief in your great capacity. And in a human life where there is plenty that might say your dreams can’t come true, we need someone like Claudia. She says it because she lives it. 



Her faith in you, in anyone, is authentic and persistent. Working with Claudia may call for moments of self-reckoning, but she will never give up on you. And most of the time it feels easy, like panting when you were a kid before anyone told you your birds looked like anything other than exact replicas. Your instinct and intuition is right, it was always right. And she’ll hold your hand while you discover it again. She’ll guide the quiet listening. She’ll ground your feet with self-trust when your legs feel shaky on the bridges from here to there.




I have had the sweet privilege of being inspired by Claudia for almost 15 years, she was one of my first yoga teachers when I found the practice at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong in 2003.  Right from the beginning with her (then) frizzy hair and wide eyes she stared into my fears and took a hold of my heart.  Her absolute determination to never settle for anything but the fullest expression of living and boldest manifestation of dreams was evident from the start, and she has held my hand every step of the way since I first met her.  She never, ever, gives up and while she is taking another step and another step she is cheerfully inspiring us with her unwavering vision borne from gratitude.  I am constantly astounded by her capacity of strength and courage, her character and ethic and her grace and compassion.  And I can say that I know her well and I know she has done, and continues to do, the work to have the outlook she has, to meet the vision she dreams, and live the life she lives.  She is an angel on this earth wearing Burning Man boots and I am eternally grateful to call her my teacher and my friend.



Claudia is one hell of a yoga teacher!!! I was lucky enough to join a 3 month mentor program ran by her. Throughout the program Claudia gave me insightful, energetic direction and feedback. She was always approachable and welcomed any questions with a smile and an open heart. With Claudia's encouragement my confidence grew in my assisting and teaching. Claudia’s a beautiful teacher with a huge amount of knowledge and experience that she’s always happy to share with others. I'm delighted to call Claudia a mentor.



Claudia is a beautiful loving supporting soul who is behind you in your dreams! She really believes in you and is with you 100% guiding you to achieve your dreams while helping you get out of the way of yourself! Her belief in you helps you achieve things you never thought possible!



Claudia is a delight to work with, the process allows you to break down the big ideas into small and achievable pieces so that the idea of change does not feel overwhelming. She so clearly is living this process as each time we went through a process Claudia would say how she incorporates the action into her life which inspires you to do so also.


As an Australian qualified personal trainer, I had high expectations towards my 200-hour yoga teacher training. Learning from Claudia fulfilled my high hopes and I could not be happier with the enormous amount of knowledge that she taught me throughout the training. I had zero doubt that I had chosen the right teacher. Claudia taught us not only yoga poses, but also history, philosophy, anatomy, yoga assisting, business and much more. And it truly amazed me how much I could learn in 200 hours. I practised yoga 3-4 times a week with Claudia outside yoga teaching training, and I enjoyed every single class. She explained simply and accurately, how she wanted the class participants to move. She also talked about yoga philosophy in her classes, and it enlightened the practice. I am very grateful to have started my yoga teaching journey with Claudia’s guidance, and I feel proud to call Claudia as my mentor, and most importantly, my friend. Thank you Claudia.



But the benefit I got from the 30-day challenge was not simply about quitting chocolate. My benefit, in the end, was so much deeper and meaningful: I gained an understanding about why I was able to quit chocolate; I discovered I always had willpower within me and I

I was skeptical that the 30-Day Yoga & Meditation Challenge would only benefit those who were yoga experts. Surely it wouldn't be beneficial to someone who only started yoga a year ago? No way was I going to be able to do 6 classes a week when I could barely handle 3!! I thought about it long and hard and at the last minute I signed up because I wanted to cut down on eating chocolate. I wanted to see if I could use this opportunity to find out if I had any willpower. Turns out, I did, and more. I haven't had chocolate since the challenge. 
learnt how to harness it. Through meditation (which I have never ever done before. I gained inner calmness and stillness, I am less stressed out and people around me are also less tensed. I handle problems with so much more confidence and certainty - not certainty that I will find a solution, but a clarity that the outcome is not the be all and end all. Through mindfulness, yoga became a pleasure when it used to be a strain.



Claudia Whitney is one inspirational Yogini. She is a bubble of love and insight and shares it with all that surround her, her family and yoga family. She is so intuitive through subtle observations, she quickly acknowledges the needs of individuals (through yoga and coaching) and uses this skill to create a better class or provide support for individual needs. She puts so much thought and care into her classes and teacher training's, all to share her vast experience with others. When training she not only guides students she also equips us with tools for us to develop our own style and creativity which has been invaluable for me with a dollop of encouragement along the way. I would highly recommend classes, training and time with Claudia.



I have attended a mentorship weekend with Claudia, as well as classes in Hong Kong and she is one of those teachers that just lights up the room with her joy and passion. She has this wonderful ability to make yoga seem fun, playful and challenging but also deeply meaningful and authentic. The world of yoga needs more Claudia’s, totally humble and unaware of how many lives she has touched with her love.


Working with Claudia, I have had so many light bulb moments. She gave me the space to express myself and then the perfectly guided love and questions to lead me back to seeing my "issues" from a different perspective. What I once viewed as a downfall she helped me see as a huge win and blessing and showed me how to use any given scenario to my advantage. You can only leave this woman feeling loved, seen, heard and empowered. Thank you Claudia




Claudia had guided me through some tumultuous times in my intimate relationship. What stood out for me the most about her was her ability to bring everything back to the heart. 


She would guide me to uncover my fears, which wasn't always easy and see clearly what was holding me back from my own truth. Her energy is soft and very compassionate. She works with both mindset and embodiment. Always asking where the energy and emotion sits within my body.


I highly recommend her if you are looking for guidance back to your own heart & truth.



I still remember the first time I met Claudia W, I walked into the studio and there was such a warm, smiling, welcoming face, instantly I felt a connection to her. Then I went in to try her class and I realized that she brought that warmth and connection into the practice. I would always leave her class a little brighter and more connected to myself and the people around me. Claudia’s classes/teachings are creative, physical and philosophical but importantly she brings yoga down to earth to a place where everyone can access. I continued my journey at the Melbourne studio because of Claudia and when I heard that she was taking the Yoga Teacher Training I had to be a part of it. Claudia has impacted my life greatly; I still tell her she was a little light to me at one of the darkest points in my life. She is not only a great teacher but now has become a good friend. During the TT Claudia lectures were always well thought of, organized, in-depth but yet humbling as she would remind us how important it was to respect the practice and how we could connect with each and every student. 




There’s Yoga, and then there’s Yoga that’s personalized for you intuitively! Claudia’s sessions deliver everything you need and everything you never even knew you needed! So much more than yoga poses! Can’t recommend her one-to-one online sessions enough!!



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