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Journey Back To Yourself


1. You're officially registered for HOMEyoga. 

> Use this link to join:

> Our class will be held on Zoom. If you're new to Zoom - please watch this video and follow the directions.

2. What you'll need:

> Have a laptop or computer with a functioning camera and microphone

> A good internet connection

> Yoga mat (optional)

> Any props (optional - yoga, strap, blocks, bolster, towel, or pillow)

> Set your camera up, so your body is visible on the camera


3. For the time being, this class is 'pay-what-you-wish.' Please make your donation before the class starts. 

> Venmo:

> PayPal:

4.  In the meantime, let's connect on social media! I also have a pretty sweet private online community, Women. Soul. Empowerment.


Love and gratitude,


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