“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ― Anais Nin

If you've been around me at all, you have probably heard me express my passion and enthusiasm for Life Coaching. And up until now, I have assumed that everyone knows what Transformational Life Coaching is!

Sure, I talk about what I do, and today I want to share with you why I do it, who I do it for, and how I do it.

Why I Do It

My whole life led me to this moment — my success, my failures, my pain, my passion, my struggles, my darkness, my desires, my adventures, my evolution, and my transformation.

I've had a crazy good life, and all of my adventures have made me who I am today.

Like anything, over the years, my work has evolved and unfolded into what it looks like today. My inspiration for coaching comes from my own life. I've lived parts of my life full of fear, unhappy, unfulfilled, stuck, anxiety-ridden, playing the victim, paralyzed by my inner critic, and I've been my own worst enemy.

Once I accepted myself just as I am - my life began to change.

I realized that being happy wasn't about achieving more, having more, doing more, or being more. It wasn't about self-improvement - and it was all about self-acceptance. I had to start there. And that was a journey in itself.

After a lot of soul work and experiencing how sweet life could be - nothing could stop me. I had to share it.

Who I Do It For

I'm a Transformational Life Coach and help women that feel stuck create a life they love - and a world they want to live in.

It usually starts with a voice deep within - a whisper telling them that something has to change. My clients want to make a difference, they want to feel more joy, and they want to design the next chapter of their life with courage and confidence.

Anyone can do any of these things on their own. Change jobs, move away, get fit, finish that project, etc.

And do they? Some do – and a lot don't ever touch their dreams.

➞ Some women are so talented and yet so paralyzed with fear that their dreams never get realized.

➞ Some women don't believe in themselves or have anyone around them that supports them.

➞ Some are buried in their excuses.

➞ Some don't even know what their desires are because they've been looking out for everyone else their entire life.


How I Do It

I help you see your life, your issues, your dreams, your obstacles, and your desires in a different light. I help you connect to your innate wisdom inside - so you can find the answers you seek.

Transformational Life Coaching is so much more than setting goals.

It's uncovering your desires, coming face to face with what's been holding you back, smashing your unproductive self-limiting beliefs, and gaining the right tools to empower you on your self-transformation journey.

Hiring a Personal Transformation Coach is about bringing more clarity, focus, purpose, and personal empowerment into your life. You'll awaken and connect with your inner power, wisdom, and passions and discover your deepest self and uncover your higher purpose.

When is it time to work with me?

➞ You are super stuck in your career, relationships, health, etc. and have to make a change.

➞ You have a calling and a gift to offer the world but are afraid to leave your comfort zone.

➞ You have been putting everyone else's needs before your own.

➞ You are perpetually overwhelmed, stressed, and can't find the time to work towards your vision.

➞ You keep telling yourself it's "too late" to reinvent your life.

➞ You are ready to get out of the "victim loop" and take accountability to design the life you deserve.

➞ You are ready to become the woman that is stepping courageously into her life - mess and all!

Do you feel a burning desire to create a meaningful life that reflects your values and beliefs?

It's never too late to feel the fire. Never too late to change your life. Never too late to live a life full of enthusiasm and joy. It's time to align your outer world with your inner spiritual life.

My goal is to help you tune into yourself and your desires so you can start living in alignment with your core values, and highest self. I create a safe space for honest conversation so you can find your version of self-discovery.

I'm committed to being there for you 100%.

You have to make the same commitment to yourself.

“Your world will expand for every step you dare to take outside your comfort zone.” ― Maria Erving


Where To Start

If you want support in living a life you love - I invite you to book a free Coaching Consultation with me! We can chat and see if we're a fit.

And if you want to connect and be a part of a soulful community - join my private Online Community WOMEN. SOUL. EMPOWERMENT. We'd love to see you there!

Love + Gratitude,

xo Claudia