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If you want a no BS approach to doing the gritty inner-work in a playful, experiential way, this workshop will be just that. Come ready to learn about yourself, reveal your hearts desires, expose your edge, and step fully into your truth.


In this 3-hour workshop, you'll practice self-empowering exercises that are simple tools for transforming your life so you can create more of what you desire from a place of courage, and self-acceptance. Expect radical realness, fierce love and compassion, and methods to practically move your life forward. Expect to leave changed!


Claudia and Courtnay are LA-based and have a combined 30+ years of studying and teaching yoga on and off the mat. Combined experience in yoga and coaching, Claudia brings her fierce zest for creative living as Courtnay offers her professional expertise as a holistic psychotherapist. The two bonded over 10 years ago in South Africa while immersed in a life-changing experiential program that bridged yoga and activism.


They are on a mission to support your evolution, transformation, and consciousness. Claudia and Courtnay have one motto: KEEP IT REAL.


> Get out of your comfort zone.

> Explore your wounds.

> Permission to be messy.

> Practicing full acceptance.

> Know you are sacred.

> Find your courage.

> Connect to your truth.

> Know your deepest desires.

> Unearth what's blocking you.

> Start receiving.


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