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Hi, Li-Ting!

It was so great getting to really catch up with you last month and get the full download. I know you're ready to move forward and create change in your life! I would love to support you, help you form a plan, and hold you accountable.

I know what it feels like to have a burning desire to create a meaningful life that reflects your values and beliefs. It's never too late to feel the fire. Never too late to change your life. Never too late to live a life of purpose and pleasure. 

I created a package I think will work, and we can shift if we need to. 

xo, Claudia



month to month

This program offers you a chance to experience a rediscovery of your authentic self, get clear on your core values, and create an empowering action plan for you to get started. We will dive into what makes you come alive and get you to start thinking about the next steps you can take to living in tune with your truth.

We will work to uncover your deepest desires and dreams and have a look to see if your outer world reflects your inner world. We'll also look at the parts of your life that aren't true to you and what is blocking you so you can deal with your obstacles in a whole new way. We'll know where you are and create a plan to get you to where you dream of being.

In addition to Transformational Live Coaching, you may also experience helpful tools such as Therapeutic Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Imagery, NLP, MER, Energy Healing, Law of Attraction (manifestation), Inner-Child Work, and EFT.


→ One 90 minute 1:1 Coaching Session per month

→ Hypnotherapy + Meditation recordings that will support you along the way

→ Voice messaging access via WhatsApp for voice coaching throughout the month

→ Weekly check-in form

→ Your own client portal - all resources live here

→ A plan for accountability

→ **Homeplay in between sessions


** Homeplay is another way of saying homework. Some examples of homeplay could be a shift in perspective, expanding awareness, creating boundaries, journaling, etc.


Investment: Sliding Scale. Please choose the amount that you are comfortable with. And if you need other payment arrangements, email me at, and we can discuss. 

When we enter a container together you have my dedication and support. I'm committed to being there for you 100%. You have to make the same commitment to yourself. Email me at with any questions! 




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