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Dream Business



The replay is here! And here's the breakdown:


00:00:00 | Introduction + Opening 

00:33:22 | Retreat Agenda 

00:38:11 | Module 1 - Your Offer 

01:56:44 | Module 2 - Dream Client 

02:08:40 | Module 3 - Your Message 

02:10:46 | Module 4 Grow Your Community 

02:41:08 | Your Next Steps 

02:45:19 | Unleash Your Magic 

02:52:09 | What You Get 

03:02:07 | Thank You!


Take the time to watch it straight through if you can and don't forget your journal. You're about to take a lot of notes!

Image by Joel Naren

Thanks for joining me for the Dream Business Mini-Retreat.


I had such an amazing time, and I loved connecting with passionate women ready to create the business of their dreams! 

I announced some incredible deals to help you go deeper on your business journey so you can create a magical life and business. This is for you if you're craving support, accountability, and backing while you embark on the next phase of your business or even the start!

Until Thursday, 10/20, I'm offering everyone that signed up for the Dream Business Retreat $1000 off my upcoming mastermind. 


It's basically my Courage to Create Your Business program on steroids (You get the CTC program inside the mastermind).


To be clear - you only need to book your call before Thursday to get the deal. You can schedule your call after Thursday.




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Enrolling in the Unleash Your Magic Mastermind will give you everything you need to take your business and life to the next level. We include a signature mix of strategic business training, 1:1 and group coaching, community support, and the deep subconscious work necessary to get out of your own way and build a business with a big impact.



The Unleash Your Magic Mastermind is for multi-passionate women who want to join a curated group of online business owners and grow their wealth, community, leadership, freedom, and impact significantly – all while healing, up-leveling, and aligning with what they're meant to be doing in this world. 

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The Courage to Create Your Business Program is included in the Unleash Your Magic Mastermind!

Image by Mitchell Luo

Starting your own business is a wild ride – am I right?!

Babe, you’re just like me and creating a business to make a difference in the world - and to make a difference in the lives of the incredible people you want to serve.


You’re not only deeply passionate about your work as a coach, mentor, creative, teacher, or healer (or soon to be one of these) – you also desire to make a rewarding income doing work that you genuinely love.


And whoa! There are so many pieces to this business thing, maybe even more than you realized. 


For many multi-passionate women, figuring out what to do next in your business can feel like a tidal wave of overwhelm.


You may feel yourself slipping into hustle mode, and you know there's got to be a more aligned way of doing business. 

When you build your business from your heart and intuition and take courageous action while simultaneously doing the deep inner work to change how you think about yourself and your businesses - your life as a CEO will transform.




Imagine this...


You wake up early in the morning, feeling refreshed, energized, and excited to take on your day because you KNOW you’re doing your purpose work in the world.


You pour your beverage of choice and move into your morning practice. Yoga, meditation, journaling, whatever you’re feeling like that day, and you make it a priority because you know it centers and grounds you for the life that you’re creating.


When you’re ready to work, you open your computer and see emails and messages from soul mate clients asking about working with you and notes from current clients about all of their wins and successes.


You LOVE connecting with your community and sharing your message because you know you can change their lives.


You take breaks when it feels right with zero hesitation because you know that in order to be a channel for your work that taking care of yourself is your #1 priority, and hustle isn’t even in your vocabulary anymore.


You spend the evening relaxing with your family, playing in nature, or doing … whatever you feel like!

No, it's not too good to be true...

When you take courageous action in the direction of your dreams while simultaneously doing the deep inner work to change how you think and feel about yourself and your businesses - everything begins to transform.


What our students are saying...

Before working with Claudia, I felt scattered and lost with where to even begin. There are so many pieces to creating a business, and it can be incredibly overwhelming! Working with Claudia is incredible. Her intuition, knowledge, and gifts shine brightly through her work, and it is such a magical experience. I learned so much from her and the program she cultivated. The program is so rich, with all the pieces you need to get started in your business. My favorite part was doing this all in sisterhood. The power of the collective is strong, and it is so motivating and healing to be able to work through all of it with sisters. My confidence is through the roof! I am leaving the program with a clear direction of where I'm going and how I'm choosing to market myself in the world. The clarity has already drawn in clients and partnership opportunities that I am so excited about! I absolutely stepped through an up-level portal, and this is just the beginning! If you're considering making this investment, I'd say just do it! There's a part of you desiring more for yourself and your business, and this is such a safe and brave space to do it. Claudia is incredibly nurturing but real. She will help you uncover your truth and unleash your badass businesswoman. The time is now to create the life you've always dreamed for yourself.

– Grace Cecilio

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 2.09.07 PM.png

I didn’t know where to start with my business. I thought I needed support in systems for my business, but then I learned that I needed community and to build self-belief! This one is hard to put into words. I experienced connection and space to be vulnerable in a way I didn’t know A- Existed and B-I needed. Working with Claudia, I got a foundation to continue to build my self-trust, belief, and love. I got the confidence to move in the direction of my dreams, and I got CLEAR on what they are, and what I want my life to look like and FEEL like, and how I want to show up in the world. I quit my serving job that I had for 8 years in the same place. It held amazing memories, and the chapter was over. It was hard to quit, but with the support of this program, I did it gently, kindly, and in a way that felt so aligned. I created more space in my work schedule to allow for creativity and action in my business; it is starting to come from a place of being instead of doing. The shifts are happening these days as I begin to feel more rested and connected. I have a steady client and more on the way! I AM BUILDING A BUSINESS AND A LIFE I AM EXCITED ABOUT. I didn’t even think I deserved that in January. The cost of the program is pennie’s compared to the value it will bring to your life. I have yet to meet someone quite like Claudia. It is an honor to work with her, she saw things in me that I needed reminding was there. I’ve got more courage to dream and think bigger for my life and how I show up for others.

– Lyndi Shaw

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✔︎ You're ready to break through your inner glass ceiling & expand your wealth

✔︎ You know that you are meant for more, and you've decided that you're no longer playing small


✔︎ You're a passionate leader who wants to take your abundance and impact to the next level

✔︎ You're ready to shift your mindset and energy and willing to do the work to break free from subconscious blocks and stagnant energy so that you can unlock your potential!

✔︎ You're ready to heal your relationship with money so that you can create a more positive impact in the world with your offerings while getting paid what you desire

✔︎ You want to create new offers with ease that light you up and attract excited clients 

✔︎ You're ready to have the support from a close community and an experienced coach who has your back

✔︎ You know, you are here on earth for a specific mission, and you're ready to step into the leader you know you are here to be

Image by Syuhei Inoue

That vision for your business is about to become a reality. And I’m here to help you make it happen!

Unleash Your Magic




✔︎ 12 Group Power Coaching Calls (2 per month)

✔︎ 6 Business + Mindset Masterclasses (1 per month)


✔︎ 1 Personal Deep Dive 1:1 Coaching Calls  (we can cover anything from tech, strategy, or mindset – or anything that will support you on what you're creating)

✔︎ 12 Create Dates - Co-working Sessions (2 times per month)

✔︎ Accountability Check-ins with a Support Coach

✔︎ 1 Personal 1:1 Human Design call with Human Design Specialist


✔︎ Full Access to my entire training vault (this includes the Courage to Create program with additional business and self-development trainings)


✔︎ Complimentary invitation to any workshops, masterclasses, or short burst mini-courses running during time together


✔︎ Unlimited Weekday Group WhatsApp Support

✔︎ Additional tools to support you - hypnosis, meditation, worksheets, video tutorials, etc.




 BONUS 1  Mini Virtual Dream Business Retreat 
Join Claudia for a half-day virtual Business Retreat where you'll learn all about growing your email list, diving deep into defining your soulmate clients, and calling in new clients without depending on social media.

 BONUS 2   Attracting Abundance Hypnosis

Get your very own Hypnosis Journey to bring wealth, abundance, and freedom into your life. Overcome your prosperity blocks and reprogram your mind to follow a new path that will naturally lead to your financial goals.

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A 6-month intimate container for multi-passionate female entrepreneurs ready to expand their impact and abundance and up-level their leadership.



Image by Evie S.

Training Vault

Unleash Your Magic Mastermind Members gain access to dozens of training modules on topics from your vision and messaging to your structure and systems to your branding, marketing, and offerings, to your energy and embodiment skills, and self-care rituals - *AND SO MUCH MORE!

And my signature group coaching program that inspired this mastermind, Courage to Create Your Business - is included! So you can think of it as
2 programs in 1.

1 - Business Vision

Create Your Clear Business Vision 
Map out your business vision and create a plan to reach your goals.

4 - Niche, Messaging + Mission

Call in our dream client, 

refine your messaging &  clarify your mission.

7 - Your Offer!

Determine + create your offer and put it out into the world

10 - Enrollment Calls

Become a master at enrollment calls and handling objections.

13 - Leadership

Developing your leadership style and becoming the leader you were born to be. 

16 - Retreats + Events

Learn how to host and organize in-person and online retreats and events like summits and challenges.

 2 - Mindset Shifts

Implement a simple but effective daily mindset routine to re-program your subconscious thoughts and develop the belief you need to manifest big results.

5 - Lead Magnet

Design a lead magnet to attract your dream clients and build an email list of people eager to learn from you!

8 - Workshops + Masterclasses

Learn how to structure and deliver successful Workshops + Masterclasses.

11 - Content Creation

Upgrade your copywriting skills and learn conscious content creation.

14 - Systems & Outsourcing

Business Systems to improve your workflow & hiring team.

3 - Energy + Embodiment

Upgrade your CEO energy + raise your vibrational standards, embody your higher self

6 - Audience Growth

Grow your community, attract ideal clients, and nurturing your audience.

9 - Programs & Pricing

Structuring your signature programs & pricing your offers.

12 - Social Media

Learn social media strategies, write captions, and how to repurpose content.

15 - Organic Marketing

Generating traffic organically and building a connection with your audience.

*You will also have one new monthly training with Claudia, and guest teachers held live and added to the training vault.


✔︎ Taking all of your brilliant ideas - because girl, I know you're like me, and you have SO MANY, and finally creating those programs, products, and offerings that change lives.


✔︎ Embodying a total sense of boldness, intuition, feminine power, and belief as you and your work become more visible to the world.

✔︎ Trusting in yourself, your ideas, your inner wisdom, and the greater purpose that wants to be expressed through you and becoming all you have always meant to be to lead, serve, create, sell, support, and love.


✔︎ Letting go of your burnout and trading it in for the things that set your soul on fire and feeling energized by your life and business.


✔︎ Putting your highest self in the driver's seat and allowing it to guide you to the next best step - while trusting, believing, and backing yourself 100%.

✔︎ Expressing your uniqueness, owning your worthiness, and giving your community experiences they will never forget.

✔︎ Finding your authentic voice, sharing your mission and message with clarity and confidence, and becoming a magnet for soul mate clients and customers.

Abstract Surface

You’ll use a combination of deep mindset work, practical strategy, and intuitive skills to create your soulful business YOUR WAY! 

Light and Shadow

What our students are saying...

I had a lot of mental blocks that prevented me from taking action - I didn't want to show up on social media, tell people I was building my coaching business, etc. Claudia is such a mama bear and made me feel so held and supported throughout this process! Starting a business feels like a personal growth program and a business program rolled into one. Having her support was huge in breaking through imposter syndrome, breaking down my limiting beliefs, etc. I am stepping into more of a leadership role. I am the one who inspires AND continues to be inspired by others. I am putting myself out there and becoming more visible by starting a social media page. If you’re thinking about working with Claudia, Just do it! Yes, you could do it on your own, but why do that when you can have someone walk you through the ins and outs and accelerate your growth? You can't put a price on time. There's never going to be a perfect time. You will always wish you had started sooner, not later.

– Amani Zavari

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 2.22.43 PM.png

​​I needed support around creating more consistency in my work. I've had some success for sure, but there are a lot of ebbs and flows. Especially after having taken off several weeks in the summer to be with my kiddo, I felt like I needed some structure (the program) to get me back in the game of enrolling clients and creating opportunities for people to find me and my work. Working with Claudia is always super inspiring and motivating to me. I know she's done the work (and continues to do so), so everything she shares is coming from an authentic, well-traveled place. I also really appreciate how informative this program was - it's the program I wish I'd taken five years ago when I was younger in my business! Having regular access to Claudia's wealth of information is priceless. Who else can I reach out to in a pinch when trying to figure out the prices of new programs? Not only is Claudia willing and able to help, she genuinely loves doing it, and that's felt in every conversation, workshop, call, and offering. Being in a group/sisterhood is always super keeps me motivated, and I also liked the opportunity to share things that I've learned over the years with women who were just starting their businesses from scratch. That web of sisterhood is so important in this world! When I joined the program, I was coming off 8 months of really incredible flow with my work (the busiest it had ever been), followed by a long summer break with my daughter, which led to a real lull in my business. After a couple of months of that ebb (during the program), I started to put myself out there more - some weekly newsletters, public online workshops, and a sprinkling of social media posting. It wasn't even that much (I could do more!), but it was enough to get things moving and grooving again. Toward the end of the program, I signed a good handful of new clients, held several successful workshops, and am now in the process of launching my group program for the third time. Mostly, after a period of feeling a bit apathetic about my work, I feel motivated again to share what I do and keep growing it. That's definitely the biggest reward I've experienced. I also feel excited to expand, to find ways of being more financially abundant, and get some more support to allow for all of that to happen. If you are in the beginning stages of your business, or are looking to start a new business, this is so the program for you. It will get you thinking about all the pieces needed to create a whole and healthy business and will give you the tools to do that authentically, from a well-resourced place. So: you'll not just be building your business thoughtfully, you'll be building yourself up to be a leader in what you do and to truly believe in yourself as a leader.

– Jessica Caplan

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Hey there!


I’m Claudia Whitney. You’re here for a reason, and so am I.

I believe we all have our unique magic and medicine and are here to share it with the world.


One of the things I was born to do was help pull that superpower out of you and help you turn it into a business that lights you and the world up!


Part of the inspiration and motivation behind my success is knowing that I can be an example and a leader and show you what’s possible when you commit to following your calling.


Love, I feel you. I get you. I’ve been you.

I was exactly where you are now before I discovered the power of trusting my own process, mastering my mindset, learning the necessary business tools that help generate dream clients and income online, and being connected to my own inner magic to do it all in a way that feels deeply aligned.

Now, I teach women like you to build incredible businesses - your way.


Get ready to ditch the self-doubt and overwhelm and build your successful business in your own way that feels good (yep, growing your business can be fun) and gets the results you want.

Image by Mitchell Luo

The Unleash Your Magic Mastermind is your space to shed layers and create space in your life to live into your vast potential and share your unique gifts with the world.

It's a place where you no longer wait for outside validation or permission, and you no longer let feedback or opinions from others weigh on you.

It's where you show up to celebrate, be seen, felt, heard, supported, loved, and backed. 


It's where you discover yourself, heal patterns, and step into the greatest version of yourself.

It's a brave space to become more fully expressed, visible, and bold.

You'll always be encouraged to embrace your unique magic. 

And fully allow your soul to come alive and lead the way.

That's what the hype is all about.

Get ready, baby!

Image by Tim Mossholder

What our students are saying...

To be honest, before signing to work with Claudia, I did not think I was capable of starting my own business, or I thought it if I did, it would be years from now. I was struggling with imposture syndrome, not believing in myself, not knowing where to start, and feeling a bit paralyzed by overwhelm. I was a little hesitant to sign up, because that meant I was pushing myself to step up and DO the hard thing. But I had to trust my inner knowing that said YES, and I am SO glad I did! This was my first group program, and I loved it so much that I want to focus on group programs in my own business. I got so much out of my connection with the other women, and I love feeling like I am in a sisterhood and a community that deeply supports you and understands you. I signed up for Claudia's program because I immediately felt a connection when we had our discovery call, she could truly see me and my vision, and I knew I had a lot to learn from her :) That feeling grew stronger and stronger throughout the program, and now I see how much MORE I have to learn from her! My mindset completely shifted from one of fear, imposture syndrome, not feeling good enough to create my own business, to a deep authentic confidence in myself and my vision. I stepped into my leader self, which showed in my personal life in ways I did not expect, and I feel ready to CREATE my business and share myself with the world. This has been an immeasurable investment for myself, both in my personal development and in my entrepreneurial spirit. Through this program, Claudia helped me find my value, my unique gifts, and a deep belief in myself. She balanced the transformative work perfectly by sharing her knowledge, experiences, and logistical tools necessary to start and grow a successful business! If you are thinking about starting a business but feel limited by yourself and your fears, I would highly recommend signing up to work with her!

– Rachel Wilhide

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 2.49.55 PM.png

Before working with Claudia, I was unclear about my niche. I didn’t know where to start. I was scared of failing. I loved being a part of this sisterhood. Hearing everyone’s struggles/successes were so helpful and inspirational. Claudia helped me clarify my mission and create offerings to fit my niche. She helped me gain confidence in my ability to be the leader I know I’m meant to be. My website looks amazing, I’ve gained new clients, and I’m excited to be offering several new programs. I feel empowered, and it is reflected in my work. Joining Claudia’s program  is totally worth it!

– Jamie Tabor-Schmidt

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 2.56.24 PM.png

I have a nascent business, and while the content and my ability to teach are not in question, my business creation ability was. Claudia’s guidance and incredible content has given me the wings I need to fly high! This is my third Claudia program, and I’m forever grateful for her and the sisterhood. Claudia’s gorgeous energy is so uplifting, and supportive-it feels like she’s speaking to my heart every time we gather. And the sisters!!! I have the best of supportive sisters around the world, and I dream of the day I can travel to each one, hold her and look her in the eyes, and thank her for the love.  My wings have fledged. After a move and a death that put plans on hold, I’m ready to start welcoming clients into Titanium Teacher. DO IT!! You won’t regret it. You will learn so much and grow so much! I cannot thank my goddess mentor Claudia enough.

– Daphne Symeonides

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We'll work together to build a solid foundation so you can grow your business from heart & soul, and you can embody the kind of leader that creates an impact. You'll also be surrounded by other passionate entrepreneurs who are as committed to their growth as you are. When you unleash your magic - anything is possible!


Unleash Your Magic

Guidance and accountability from coaches, and a community of creative and passionate women backing you, are the support you want while building your business.


1:1 Coaching





Unlimited Access

Training Vault

Guest Expert




Image by Anna Sullivan

What our students are saying...

Before doing the work with Claudia, I felt stuck. I was overwhelmed, feeling unsupported, frustrated, constantly feeling tired, and run down. I needed support in revamping my business and finding clarity around what I want. I felt stuck and overwhelmed about the technology side of building things, like my website, newsletter, etc. Generally. I needed my pizzaz back. My experience was being part of a supportive group of women who supported and held space for me as I unraveled and spoke my truth, as I processed my challenges and built myself back up again. Claudia gave everyone such an equal amount of time and attention during the group coaching sessions, and it was really helpful to watch other women's processes. The additional meditations, hypnosis sessions, and one-on one sessions with Claudia were integral to the process and such great support alongside the group coaching sessions. I left the program feeling un-stuck. I no longer felt overwhelmed by the technology side of things. building my website, etc, even though some things take me longer to figure out than I would like them to. I left the program with more awareness and with a deeper knowledge of work I've done before in the area of triggers. shadow work, and inner child exploration. The way Claudia communicated this information was super effective. I'm more clear around boundaries and more committed to rituals that support my daily life.

– Kristi Rodelli

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 10.53.50 AM.png

I was stalled in introducing my class to the world. I wasn't holding myself accountable and I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone out of fear. Working with Claudia changed this- she was such a strong and steady guide and helped me realize my potential. I got so much from this group- support, sisterhood, inspiration, guidance, accountability, and best of all Claudia helped me get my program out into the world. I hold my first class tomorrow and will be helping women from all over heal from a traumatic birth. I have formed lifelong friendships in this container. I have pages upon pages of notes I can refer to when I need inspiration. It is worth the investment in yourself. It has a ripple effect to help all other areas and relationships in your life.

– Robyn Schwinn

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 Core Values 



Clarity helps you find focus and direction in your business and your life. But not just any clarity - we’re talking authentic clarity that comes from your soul’s true desires. When you have a clear vision, you can move forward with ease.



Courage is a sacred gift that lives inside of you. It takes courage to become who you really are and build a business on your terms. When you awaken to your inherent courage, it becomes an exciting life-enhancing force that will guide you home to the business you want and deserve.



Feel confident in who you are – mess and all! Self-confidence means believing in yourself and your capabilities, trusting in your own judgment and intuition, and an unshakeable sense of self-worth, regardless of any imperfections or of what others may believe about you.



Creativity is the ability to generate, create, or discover new ideas, solutions, and possibilities. Even if you don’t think you’re creative, you are! And when you’re tapped into it, you can solve problems, develop new ideas, and build your business masterpiece from an inspired place.



Intimate sisterhood is built on honesty, support, trust, and love. We can always find solace in our sisters and know we are not alone. Our community of women find their voice, unleash their expression, and step into their power through the support of other women.

Plant Shadow

What our students are saying...

Before working with Claudia, I experienced overwhelmness with all the courses I have taken that didn’t work for me. I felt pressured and feel I am not doing at the pace that I want (or people expect me to be). I was trying to run before I can walk. I need support to go back and start from the beginning and take small steps. I was also overwhelmed by the “cookie-cutter” formats I see in the market and the idea that if I follow some “magic formula,” then I will be guaranteed success. But our business and offering have to be our own, it means as much as strategies and tools can be helpful, we need to find our own journey. I was struggling with over-information, over-research, and the mindset of I have to do things a certain way to succeed. I felt lost in finding my own unique message and offerings. The program with Claudia reminds me I am unique and, therefore I have a unique offering. While the program provides me with strategies and tools to create my business, ultimately the most important part is our mindset. Our thoughts drive our actions. It is important to truly understand what I have to offer. The systems are just tools. It’s only if I know what my offering is, what I am passionate about doing, and what I am meant to do, then I will have clarity, confidence, and competence to create my business.  These days we lack deep conversations, discussions, and reflections. We also lack the opportunities to give and receive feedback. As teachers or students, mentors or mentees, these are important practices. This program provides a lot of opportunities for us to get into discussions, and through the discussions, we value diversity of opinions, and we practice listening and taking in constructive feedback, which is essential for coaches, teachers, and mentors. Claudia has built a strong support group in this program and continues to make this community bigger. After teaching yoga to students for 7 years, I have been thinking of diverting some time to supporting new yoga teachers as a mentor and also be a life coach for modern busy people. It is, at times, challenging to “switch gears” and also to “do it all.” But this program has helped me take the first steps - to call myself a mentor, and a coach, and has also created a framework for my offering as a mentor and a coach. I will still be teaching yoga, of course, but now I am ready to create a new path in my career and yoga journey.  This is not one of the “cookie-cutter” courses out there. This course is run by an amazing HUMAN, and with a group of inspirational REAL HUMAN BEINGS that you can bring in EVERY PART OF YOU in a safe space, and within this space, you will work through ON YOUR OWN with your journey while getting full support from Claudia and your “sisters”, so when you get out of the program, you will create the business that fits you, suits you and speaks to you.

– Cora Lee

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 10.43.56 AM.png
It's time to awaken your magic, fully align with what you're creating, and become magnetic to your clients.
Image by Syuhei Inoue
Leaves Shadow

What our students are saying...

Before Claudia’s program, my main challenge was knowing where and how to begin creating a business in the first place! I felt so much support and respected in this space. The best change I experienced was just gaining clarity and knowledge. Since I am still very new to this whole process and experience I think the major thing for me was just getting a feel of what it all takes. I would encourage anyone considering working with Claudia to take the leap and go for it. I would tell them to ask themselves first if they are really ready to be brave and bold and put themselves out there. And if the answer is yes then they can’t go wrong with joining this program!

– Chelsea Walburn

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 10.32.01 AM.png

Before joining Claudia’s program my biggest challenge was not knowing what to post on line, and how to promote my services. I also needed support with social media . Claudia is an amazing business coach. She helped me learn how to create workshops to attract clients , and how to use Canva. The group was a wonderful support as we were all at similar stages with our business. Everyone was there to give encouragement and feedback if required. I feel new sense of enthusiasm and not so overwhelmed with technology and social media. And I am so excited to create mini workshops! If you’re thinking about making the investment in yourself, do it and you will always reap the reward.

– Amber Watson

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 10.33.12 AM.png
Image by Caroline Grondin
    A fire is in you, and you feel something bubbling to the surface. And I'm going to bet you've got a gift that's dying to be expressed and wisdom ready to be delivered, honey! Deciding to take the next step in creating your program and taking action will create the clarity you're craving. It's all about the next baby step - and if you feel the call to join us, trust it.
    I get it! I'm a busy mom, and I used to make this excuse, and I'll ask you, what if you keep doing the same things and making the same excuses? Well, I know this answer all too'll keep getting the same results you've always gotten! Our busy-ness is one of the things that keep us de-prioritizing ourselves & our lives, so it would actually be your first big breakthrough to carve out a little extra you-time! FYI – we're talking four 90-minute group calls and a couple of co-working implementation sessions via zoom (optional). (PS: You'd be able to create that time if you knew you were becoming the woman that doesn't make excuses, takes a stand for herself, and makes her life happen today- not in 10 years... right?)
    Send me a DM on Instagram, and let's get to know each other. And ask your questions - then feel into your YES or NO.
    GET WITH THE PROGRAM! was inspired by my own experience running programs the last four years and guiding women to create their own signature group programs the last couple of years. Running my programs repeatedly taught me the best way to support and guide someone in building their business. You'll also have group co-working sessions to implement what you've learned, and I'll make sure this isn't another program you bought and is sitting there gathering dust. My highest intention is for you to take the technique and tools I teach you and create your own blueprint you can come back to over and over again. This experience has been curated so you get the best results!
    All of our group calls are hosted on Zoom. Our calls will be a blend of me teaching lessons, implementing what you're learning, and hot seat coaching.
    We encourage you to be live on as many calls as possible to get the coaching and direct support you need. And we also know that life happens, and we can't always be there. So all the coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded to your portal.
    First, I intentionally made this an affordable program to kickstart your 1-to-many programs so you can earn money, honey! Second thing: There comes a time for all of my clients when they've had to prioritize themselves and their business and make personal development & preparation for a successful business a part of their budget. I truly believe that if transforming your life and business is a priority, you'll find that investing in this program makes perfect sense for you. (In fact, if you're like many of my clients, you'll only ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner!)
    I can't guarantee that I will be leading this same program again with this structure or at this price. I will say group programs are my favorite thing to do, though, so you can expect another program from me for sure!
    GWTP will start on April 5th and run for 4 weeks.
    We would love to answer any other questions you may have - please email and we will get back to you within 48 hours (we take weekends off).

What our students are saying...

My challenges before the program  were lack of marketing experience. Working with Claudia has given me the opportunity to use my tools with confidence, and I've enjoyed getting to know the other ladies in the community. Claudia’s program is a great way to give you a confidence boost and take your business to the next level.

– Christine Shine

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 10.35.03 AM.png

Before joining Claudia’s program, I was struggling to grow and was time-limited, unable to take more 1:1 clients. She understood the challenges and was super gentle.  The sisterhood was amazing, and always encouraging. I’ve developed my business and have several groups which are consistently well attended.  I’ve gotten rid of work that doesn’t serve me and have a program that I’m launching. If you’re thinking about signing up for Claudia’s program, definitely invest in yourself and your business, it makes all the difference to get some external clarity on your goals and the way you’ve structured things.

– Sarah Dower

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 10.41.21 AM.png
Image by Adrien Olichon

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