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Her belief in you helps you achieve things you never thought possible!

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What our students of Courage To Create are saying...

Claudia is a compassionate, accessible, and all-around uplifting human to be around, who walks the walk. Having Claudia as a personal cheerleader (giving me both career-oriented guidance and general motivation) set me up to make some shifts in my business and feel more confident going forward in the new world we find ourselves in. Claudia's loving support is beyond helpful - if you're thinking about working with her, do it! 


- Jessica Caplan

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I was stalled in introducing my class to the world. I wasn't holding myself accountable and I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone out of fear. Working with Claudia changed this- she was such a strong and steady guide and helped me realize my potential. I got so much from this group- support, sisterhood, inspiration, guidance, accountability, and best of all Claudia helped me get my program out into the world. I hold my first class tomorrow and will be helping women from all over heal from a traumatic birth. I have formed lifelong friendships in this container. I have pages upon pages of notes I can refer to when I need inspiration. It is worth the investment in yourself. It has a ripple effect to help all other areas and relationships in your life.


- Robin Schwinn

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Atthena Breitton 


Nina Koller

What our students are saying

Transformational Life Coaching



Claudia had guided me through some tumultuous times in my intimate relationship. What stood out for me the most about her was her ability to bring everything back to the heart. 


She would guide me to uncover my fears, which wasn't always easy and see clearly what was holding me back from my own truth. Her energy is soft and very compassionate. She works with both mindset and embodiment. Always asking where the energy and emotion sits within my body.


I highly recommend her if you are looking for guidance back to your own heart & truth.



Working with Claudia, I have had so many light bulb moments. She gave me the space to express myself and then the perfectly guided love and questions to lead me back to seeing my "issues" from a different perspective. What I once viewed as a downfall she helped me see as a huge win and blessing and showed me how to use any given scenario to my advantage. You can only leave this woman feeling loved, seen, heard and empowered. Thank you Claudia. 



Claudia is a beautiful loving supporting soul who is behind you in your dreams! She really believes in you and is with you 100% guiding you to achieve your dreams while helping you get out of the way of yourself! Her belief in you helps you achieve things you never thought possible!



Sometimes I don’t want to hear what Claudia has to say because she will always tell me anything is possible, everything is possible. There are days I want her to take my excuses, my “but no not possible for me”, my “can’t happen” seriously. But this is exactly what sets Claudia apart. With empathy she nods at your hurt, your fear, your disappointment, but she never stops there. She is unrelenting in her belief in your great capacity. And in a human life where there is plenty that might say your dreams can’t come true, we need someone like Claudia. She says it because she lives it. 



Her faith in you, in anyone, is authentic and persistent. Working with Claudia may call for moments of self-reckoning, but she will never give up on you. And most of the time it feels easy, like panting when you were a kid before anyone told you your birds looked like anything other than exact replicas. Your instinct and intuition is right, it was always right. And she’ll hold your hand while you discover it again. She’ll guide the quiet listening. She’ll ground your feet with self-trust when your legs feel shaky on the bridges from here to there.



I had been feeling a bit lost and looking for a little direction when I saw Claudia was offering her coaching program. Always full of light, positive energy, and patience, I felt certain this was what I needed. I always hear the smile in her words, the kindness in her tone, and the patience in her suggestions. Even from a million miles away, she has the time to give and make you feel like you have her full attention. I did some painful, but very insightful digging into my issues that helped me let go of what I thought was holding me back and really get back to the basics of taking care of me. I found more confidence in my self, my intuition, and a reminder to look at the bigger picture. Each interaction we have has the trust and insight of an old friend, authentic concern, and effervescent encouragement that I feel in my heart for days.



Claudia is a beam of beautiful light. You know that feeling you get when you turn up your favorite song all the way and it makes you grin ear to ear? Claudia radiates that kind of energy. She has a playful, yet insightful approach to the world. She is knowledgeable and digs deep. Traveling all over the world, Claudia knows no strangers and she has smiles for days. She asks the kind of questions no one else is asking. 

She helped me take action to obtain my goals and to set new ones.  Claudia is who you need if you’re passionate about something and you’re ready for change.



Claudia is a delight to work with, the process allows you to break down the big ideas into small and achievable pieces so that the idea of change does not feel overwhelming. She so clearly is living this process as each time we went through a process Claudia would say how she incorporates the action into her life which inspires you to do so also.

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Claudia has been an incredible source of light and guidance for me. I am a sole parent and provider to my daughter. I was mentally abused in my past two relationships and was at the time experiencing financial difficulty. I needed help! Claudia gave this to me, and I'm so grateful for her gifts. I delved deep within my limiting beliefs, more into me, and what do I want. Claudia sees me, and she holds space for me always. She really understood my struggles and could authentically put herself in my shoes with compassion. Having Claudia in my life has helped me be more accountable. She also provides me with many different tools, her own meditations, books, and resources that I can go to every day. I highly recommend working with Claudia. Her guidance is invaluable. No matter what is going on in your life, she can help you manifest what your heart desires. It's an important to gift yourself.

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What our students are saying

Before doing Courage To Create, I felt stuck. I was overwhelmed, feeling unsupported, frustrated, constantly feeling tired, and run down. I needed support in revamping my business and finding clarity around what I want. I felt stuck and overwhelmed about the technology side of building things, like my website, newsletter, etc. Generally. I needed my pizzaz back. My experience was being part of a supportive group of women who supported and held space for me as I unraveled and spoke my truth, as I processed my challenges and built myself back up again. Claudia gave everyone such an equal amount of time and attention during the group coaching sessions, and it was really helpful to watch other women's processes. The additional meditations, hypnosis sessions, and one-on one sessions with Claudia were integral to the process and such great support alongside the group coaching sessions. I left the program feeling un-stuck. I no longer felt overwhelmed by the technology side of things. building my website, etc, even though some things take me longer to figure out than I would like them to. I left the program with more awareness and with a deeper knowledge of work I've done before in the area of triggers. shadow work, and inner child exploration. The way Claudia communicated this information was super effective. I'm more clear around boundaries and more committed to rituals that support my daily life.


Kristi Rodelli


When I signed up for Courage to Create, I had a feeling that I needed to cause a change in several areas of my life: I needed to create a career from an unstable job situation, I craved a home in a new state, and I had a deep desire to create a loving relationship. While all of these seeds were planted when I signed up for the program, the 12-week container and focused exercises led by Claudia, designed to knock out limiting beliefs, set boundaries, and state my desires, all in the safety of a handful of incredible women, generated results that were beyond my expectation. By the end of Courage to Create, I had moved to a new place and set up a home, landed a new job, and transitioned a casual dating partner into a committed relationship. It was incredible knowing Claudia was there to coach, and a dozen women were cheering me on, and I was cheering on their success. I feel so grateful to have had this support network.

Janae Hagan

Working with Claudia helped me get unstuck and gain clarity on my goals during a big life transition. She was kind and compassionate and helped me build confidence and courage to take steps forward to create the life that aligns with my values and the dream I want to build. She would give me firm “nudges” to empower me to achieve my goals but would also give me virtual hugs when I was vulnerable. Claudia is a beautiful soul and an insightful coach.


 - Cora Lee

My experience working with Claudia in Courage to Create was fucking amazingly life-changing! I was diagnosed with three mental illness disorders, for which I have received counseling and hospitalization prior to Courage to Create. In my three months with Claudia, I gained an understanding of how to manage my mental illness symptoms better than any of the mental health treatments I used in the past. I'm forever grateful for her caring, powerful soul! Before the program. I was stuck in a people-pleasing mode so much that I could not connect with my most authentic self. I was silently suffering while loving everyone with all my heart except myself. I got support in creating boundaries that support my own comfort, goals, and health. I also learned how to self-love + prioritize self-care. After completing Courage to Create, I am better equipped at managing my mental illness symptoms (just the other day. I overcame an anxiety attack in 5 min as opposed to being paralyzed for days from it). And I love sharing my new personal development life experiences with my new Courage To Create Sisters. Lastly, I am full of personalized knowledge and tools that I can tap into when I'm having rough life moments in my life.

– Jess Bermejo

I felt very stuck before this course, very alone and unsupported. I had no purpose and direction and felt my life had no point. I was depressed that I didn't think a course to anything would help me anymore. This course is TRANSFORMATIONAL! Claudia is the real deal when it comes to a genuine and sincere concern to help people. Her ability to bring women together with themes of fun and empowerment and great sensitivity and care is so powerful. I have never experienced sisterhood before. It is the Best! Wow! What you get from sharing with other women is not only expansive but healing. So grateful for this program. The tools Claudia taught and her unwavering commitment in having us show up was incredible. Claudia's mission statement to "help women rise" is completely congruent because in this course Claudia holds you so high you cannot help but rise! I turned around some very negative debilitating programs and beliefs in myself and in a short time am already creating and making positive changes in my life that I never would have thought possible. Claudia's program will change you if you want to change. Doing the inner work (an its not really work!) the commitment to yourself you will transform within and your world outside will start to expand. The relationship? The career? The finances? The heatlth? It all begins from within! And this program does just that!

– Anah Epifanidis

Before I joined Courage To Create, my self-belief was at a real low, and I just felt overwhelmed, useless, and ineffective in everything I was work, home, and study. I was a little skeptical at first as I had never had any success with previous coaching. I think the difference was that Claudia shared her own real experience and, therefore able to provide tangible tools and tips from her heart that had worked for her and not from a textbook, so just a couple of weeks in, I was getting benefits. I was in a glass-half-empty place, which I really didn't like, and I was struggling to find positivity. Now I do, and when I get in that negative place. I have the tools to turn around and change my reality.


-– Hazel Roodenburgh


This was my first container coaching program and I feel it was very well put together. For me, I think it was the perfect amount of information given each week. The homeplay was a great way to put into action what we learned in that session. I enjoyed having the partner work as well for the accountability and intimacy. I feel it was just enough to dip into each aspect and makes me hungry for more, to go deeper!


-– Morgan Gelhausen

I decided to enroll for Courage to Create because I needed to take a different path in my career and life but I didn't know how to go about doing it. I lacked the courage in giving myself permission to put "me" first and even as simple as permission to dream my own dreams. I needed the push and the encouragement to TRUST myself. I trusted Claudia so I had absolutely no hesitations.The program was more than I could have ever hoped for. The sisterhood we all felt really gave us the support and push to seek our truths and lean on each other when it got hard. Claudia has a way of creating a trusting open space where we are free to express ourselves as we are and be fully seen and accepted. The program had the perfect amount of new thought provoking exercises in and out of the weekly calls as well as time to connect with each other. The course started out with excitement and curiosity of what's to come, but Claudia's style of diving in deep from the first call propelled us into the depths of discovery and awareness. I was able to see a path of what I wanted of my life and my future and making decisions that felt aligned to the path became more and more clear for me. I was able to say no to what no longer felt right career wise and  gave me the courage to step into what I felt was the right path for me. I had some that questioned my path but the more I followed it, planned for it, and took actions towards it, the more I was lit up inside. My anxiety and depression has gotten so much better because discovering myself and my truths have ignited the passion inside me that felt distant and nonexistent for so many years.  I wake up each day with a renewed connection to myself and so happy I get to live this beautiful life and make what I want of it. I thought this program would bring clarity in my career and life, and it has but more than that, it's made me realize that I am capable of anything I desire and the "why me" has turned into "because it's me." If you're not happy with where you're at in your life, and you're not even sure what you want from your life, don't worry about that. If you're willing to just SHOW UP each week, just say Yes. Just do it for the you that's inside wanting more. You will not regret it.


– Khush Italia

I found Claudia during a collision of life transitions, and the Courage to Create container held space for me as I shaved my head, turned 30, ended a relationship, moved home after traveling and started a new job. Claudia was honest when she needed to be, flexible when inspiration struck and kind and loving always. I recommend this program for any woman looking to create new ways of being and doing in her life.


 - Kendra Gaardner

Claudia is a wonderful coach who, through her program, was able to lead the group through all the levels. The things I learned about the most were mindset growth and self-connection, and also how to communicate with my future self in order to achieve my goals.


– Samira Ghoul

I learned how to set boundaries and to gain respect and support from my loved ones. I also learned how to ask for help, and I realized that I am not alone on this path. Forever grateful for Claudia's spiritual and practical guidance and all the women's insights in our group.


– Renee Preisler Barasch


She has this wonderful ability to make yoga seem fun, playful and challenging but also deeply meaningful and authentic.



Claudia’s classes/teachings are creative, physical and philosophical but importantly she brings yoga down to earth to a place where everyone can access. Her lectures during my yoga teacher training were always well thought of, organized, in-depth but yet humbling as she would remind us how important it was to respect the practice and how we could connect with each and every student. Claudia has impacted my life greatly; I still tell her she was a little light to me at one of the darkest points in my life. I would always leave her class a little brighter and more connected to myself and the people around me. 



Claudia fulfilled my high hopes and I could not be happier with the enormous amount of knowledge that she taught me throughout my 200-hour yoga teacher training. She taught us not only yoga poses, but also history, philosophy, anatomy, yoga assisting, business and much more. And it truly amazed me how much I could learned.

I also practised yoga 3-4 times a week with Claudia, and enjoyed every single class. She talked about yoga philosophy, and it enlightened the practice. I am very grateful to have started my yoga teaching journey with Claudia’s guidance, and I feel proud to call her as my mentor.



I have attended a mentorship weekend with Claudia, as well as classes in Hong Kong and she is one of those teachers that just lights up the room with her joy and passion. She has this wonderful ability to make yoga seem fun, playful and challenging but also deeply meaningful and authentic. The world of yoga needs more Claudia’s, totally humble and unaware of how many lives she has touched with her love.

Claudia’s sessions deliver everything you need and everything you never even knew you needed!



There’s Yoga, and then there’s Yoga that’s personalized for you intuitively! Claudia’s sessions deliver everything you need and everything you never even knew you needed! So much more than yoga poses! Can’t recommend her one-to-one online sessions enough!!

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Sessions with Claudia will leave you feeling like you've known her your whole life. She intuitively connects with you and what your body and soul need. As your body changes, so does your mind and spirit.



I was skeptical that the Program would benefit me. Surely it wouldn't be beneficial to someone who only started yoga a year ago? I wanted to see if I could use this opportunity to find out if I had any willpower. Turns out, I did, and more. I haven't had chocolate since. But the benefit I got was not simply about quitting chocolate. My benefit, in the end, was so much deeper and meaningful: I gained an understanding about why I was able to quit chocolate; I discovered I always had willpower within me and I learnt how to harness it. Through meditation (which I have never ever done before. I gained inner calmness and stillness, I am less stressed out and people around me are also less tensed. I handle problems with so much more confidence and certainty - not certainty that I will find a solution, but a clarity that the outcome is not the be-all and end-all. Through mindfulness, yoga became a pleasure when it used to be a strain.



Claudia Whitney is one inspirational Yogini. She is a bubble of love and insight and shares it with all that surround her, her family and yoga family. She is so intuitive through subtle observations, she quickly acknowledges the needs of individuals (through yoga and coaching) and uses this skill to create a better class or provide support for individual needs. She puts so much thought and care into her classes and teacher training's, all to share her vast experience with others. When training she not only guides students she also equips us with tools for us to develop our own style and creativity which has been invaluable for me with a dollop of encouragement along the way. I would highly recommend classes, training and time with Claudia.


Claudia is one hell of a yoga teacher!!! I was lucky enough to join a 3 month mentor program ran by her. Throughout the program Claudia gave me insightful, energetic direction and feedback. She was always approachable and welcomed any questions with a smile and an open heart. With Claudia's encouragement my confidence grew in my assisting and teaching. Claudia’s a beautiful teacher with a huge amount of knowledge and experience that she’s always happy to share with others. I'm delighted to call Claudia a mentor.



Claudia is one of the most soulful, intuitive and insightful humans and I have been so fortunate to have crossed paths with her - she being one of the best yoga teachers I have been guided by and more recently as my coach. Gosh she has helped me peel back many layers and work towards living my authentic life, something I have been working towards. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Claudia is very blessed for her wisdom and energy.



I have had the sweet privilege of being inspired by Claudia for almost 15 years, she was one of my first yoga teachers when I found the practice at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong in 2003.  Right from the beginning with her (then) frizzy hair and wide eyes she stared into my fears and took a hold of my heart.  Her absolute determination to never settle for anything but the fullest expression of living and boldest manifestation of dreams was evident from the start, and she has held my hand every step of the way since I first met her.  She never, ever, gives up and while she is taking another step and another step she is cheerfully inspiring us with her unwavering vision borne from gratitude.  I am constantly astounded by her capacity of strength and courage, her character and ethic and her grace and compassion.  And I can say that I know her well and I know she has done, and continues to do, the work to have the outlook she has, to meet the vision she dreams, and live the life she lives.  She is an angel on this earth wearing Burning Man boots and I am eternally grateful to call her my teacher and my friend.

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Claudia is an exceptional guide for the body, spirit and mind! As a yoga practitioner for 15 years with the aches and pains of leading an extremely active life, I have found that I appreciate a slower flow that focuses on alignment and breath-work without sacrificing difficulty. Claudia delivers creative flows that are soulful and inspired as she gently guides me to push past my limits with challenging sequencing and interesting transitions. By paying close attention to the state of mind we take into class she sets the tone with genuine love and beautiful soundtracks and keeps you inspired until the last shavasana.



Claudia’s classes not only give your body exactly what it needs but she also brings to class a warm and wholesome energy that is unique to her. Her stories and side notes in class are playful and always heart felt. I’m appreciative of the time I get to practice with her.

"Claudia's classes are filled with light and love."


Claudia is an exceptional guide for the body, spirit and mind! As a yoga practitioner for 15 years with the aches and pains of leading an extremely active life, I have found that I appreciate a slower flow that focuses on alignment and breath-work without sacrificing difficulty. Claudia delivers creative flows that are soulful and inspired as she gently guides me to push past my limits with challenging sequencing and interesting transitions. By paying close attention to the state of mind we take into class she sets the tone with genuine love and beautiful soundtracks and keeps you inspired until the last shavasana.


Claudia's enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. She is also very genuine and authentic in her presentation. I like the way she reflects on her own daily challenges with being mindful. She makes you realize that we are all in this together and that gives me strength and hope!


Claudia’s classes are filled with light and love!


I just appreciate the sense of normalcy Claudia's virtual classes provide. What always strikes me about her teaching is the balance of meditation and mindfulness that is applied to the class.


I love Claudia’s soft approach to yoga and life. Her voice is the first thing that comes to mind. Listening to her meditations transports me. Her gentle nature as a teacher makes me really want to hear what she is teaching. But let me be clear, Claudia’s approach is not sugary or sweet; it’s vulnerable and genuine. Just like the rest of us she has her up and down moments and she is willing to share them and listen to ours. I feel connected when she teaches or shares. It’s also amazing to connect with all her students that span the globe!


Claudia was my yoga teacher during my ex-pat days in Hong Kong.  Her classes were always packed mat-to-mat and everyone had a great practice together.  I did a reset weekend retreat with her there, too, incorporating meditation and juice fasting that was really refreshing, a bit like a "spring cleaning'.  Despite her popular classes, she was always a super motivating and giving instructor to her students.  Years later I had moved back to the US and Claudia moved to Australia, I was on vacation walking through Melbourne and saw her in a gorgeous yoga pose in the lululemon shop and instantly recognized her and reconnected in IG (love technology when it works like that!).  Now we are both on the west coast of the US and I'm able to take her intimate classes online. It's still as great a practice as ever, and really I make no excuses for missing a class now, since it is so accessible.  I get to meet and connect with other yoga students and cultivate discipline, self-care, and that ever important self-awareness and breathing/meditation.  She also always include breathing or meditation work which is so key in our daily lives, especially during challenging times.  All the while, Claudia has shared her tips for practicing yoga, words of wisdom, and great laughs and stories from real life.  I am constantly recommending friends to try her classes! 

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