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I know how you feel and I''m here to tell you that you can achieve your goals, and that there's an amazing life – your life – waiting for you.


Hi, I'm Claudia and I'm on a mission to help you recognize your strength, live into your truth, and create a life that you're excited to wake up to every single day. 


Even before I had my son my nickname was 'Mama'. I'm genuine, nurturing, down to earth and a big time lover. I'm also a certified yoga teacher, life coach and meditation teacher. These are the things I'm most passionate about... that and my gorgeous family!

As most things, it begins with a story. A story of a girl that made it through some tough times and along the way gained some valuable tools. I've been on a journey of soul searching, dream chasing and self love for more than 20 years. I continue to work on and fine tune my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices and intentions every day.

"When we are ready to make positive changes in our lives,

we attract whatever we need to help us."

- Louise Hay


I've been practicing yoga for over 20 years. My first experience was not a great one and I'm surprised I went back! Thankfully I tried it again and fell in love. I was addicted to the way it made me feel. Later I became obsessed with the person it helped me become. I've used my yoga practice to have fun, connect, transform, and heal mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. 


I have been teaching yoga for15 years and yoga has taken me all over the world giving me the amazing opportunity to learn from the best teachers and to also meet thousands of wonderful students along the way. I've taught over 8,000 yoga classes and taught in some of the most unique and spectacular destinations. I've helped to raise over $50,000 for charity, participated in two Seva Challenges with Off the Mat, Into the World and volunteered in South Africa and India where I got to teach yoga to ________ kids. 

Before teaching yoga I was a hair stylist and make up artist. I remember how rewarding it felt when someone had a little bit more confidence when they stepped out of the salon. By looking a little bit better on the outside they felt ______. When I took my first yoga class I knew deep down that it was time to help people feel good from the inside. Through yoga they could learn how to be empowered by something much deeper than a new hair color - they would learn to love themselves no mater what their hair color! 

"Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried,

but you've actually been planted."

- Christine Caine


I've moved countries 7 times in my life. I have started over many times and re-created myself more than you can imagine. It's not easy and it can be super scary at times but I would not trade any of it for anything. When I was 37 I met my soul mate and we got pregnant when I was 38. The following year we moved to Australia from Hong Kong with our beautiful 1 year old son. I was juggling my new job as a Mom, a full time job managing a yoga studio and navigating a whole new world... Australia. It took everything to manage my energy leaving little time to socialize let alone nurture myself. 


Although I loved what I was doing I was not aligned with the people I was working for. I came home many nights crying and knew this was not how I wanted to spend the majority of my time. I was depleted, uninspired and knew I could be doing more for my students. 


Something clicked as soon as I signed up for my CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING program tought by Eryka Stanton from Soul Academy. It was the missing link to my teaching and to my own healing. I was lost, disconnected and my inner world and outer world were not aligned. Through the program a new fire was ignited. I wanted to help people understand what was blocking them from creating the life they always dreamed of living. I had learned so much from my yoga, breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices. For me this took the experience I could facilitate to a whole new level.   


"In order for the light to shine so brightly,

the darkness must be present." 

- Francis Bacon

Over the years my passions and practices have evolved and I today I believe that the obstacle is important to our journey.

I believe 

I believe

I believe

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