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SUPER Early Bird until July 8th!

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48 hours only!

Time-sensitive offer - watch the video!

Give yourself permission for the extraordinary!

It's time to stop putting your desires on the backburner.

If you are a passionate woman ready to take up space with your big vision and haven't been able to do it on your own - keep reading...

 Here's the truth: 

How you show up in the world matters.

It's time to be an amplified version of YOU.

You're ready to step into being unapologetically you, fully expressing yourself, and stepping outside your comfort zone to turn your desires into reality.

 Here's a secret: 

When a woman believes in herself - she's unstoppable.


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Imagine what it would be like...

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Imagine what it would be like to be an unstoppable woman. Close your eyes and visualize with me for a quick second...


▸ You decide who you want to be and what you want to do without waiting for permission or validation from anyone but yourself.


▸ You give yourself permission to dream wildly, and you believe you've got what it takes right now to make it happen. 


▸ You let go of any shackles holding you back from expressing yourself fully and being yourself unapologetically.


▸ You set clear and bold intentions and standards for your life and step into the feminine leader who never gives up.


▸ When you scroll through social media, you know that there's nothing that sets you apart from the women you admire the most or the women you consider living their 'best life!'

▸ You keep your promises, honor your boundaries, and prioritize your needs and desires. 

▸ You trust the process and timing of your dreams which allows for more fun and pleasure on the journey!

Yes, I'm talking about you, babe!

You will only get in life what you're BOLD enough to call in.


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What our students are saying about working with Claudia

I felt very stuck before this course, very alone and unsupported. I had no purpose and direction and felt my life had no point. I was depressed that I didn't think a course to anything would help me anymore. This course is TRANSFORMATIONAL! Claudia is the real deal when it comes to a genuine and sincere concern to help people. Her ability to bring women together with themes of fun and empowerment and great sensitivity and care is so powerful. I have never experienced sisterhood before. It is the Best! Wow! What you get from sharing with other women is not only expansive but healing. So grateful for this program. The tools Claudia taught and her unwavering commitment in having us show up was incredible. Claudia's mission statement to "help women rise" is completely congruent because in this course Claudia holds you so high you cannot help but rise! I turned around some very negative debilitating programs and beliefs in myself and in a short time am already creating and making positive changes in my life that I never would have thought possible. Claudia's program will change you if you want to change. Doing the inner work (an its not really work!) the commitment to yourself you will transform within and your world outside will start to expand. The relationship? The career? The finances? The heatlth? It all begins from within! And this program does just that!

– Anah Epifanidis

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I was stalled in introducing my class to the world. I wasn't holding myself accountable and I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone out of fear. Working with Claudia changed this- she was such a strong and steady guide and helped me realize my potential. I got so much from this group- support, sisterhood, inspiration, guidance, accountability, and best of all Claudia helped me get my program out into the world. I hold my first class tomorrow and will be helping women from all over heal from a traumatic birth. I have formed lifelong friendships in this container. I have pages upon pages of notes I can refer to when I need inspiration. It is worth the investment in yourself. It has a ripple effect to help all other areas and relationships in your life.


- Robin Schwinn


Girl, are you ready?

You can take your life, happiness, and freedom into your own hands!

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Hi! I'm Claudia Whitney, and I'm here to support you in being the fierce woman that listens to her desires and does something about it.

I've been living the self-development and spiritual life for over 25 years, and I'm obsessed with helping you connect to your deepest desires, embody your full potential, and take meaningful action so that you can create a life that lights you and the world up!


I work with women who hunger for something bigger in their life and haven't always given it to themselves. Yet, they know deep down they are ready to make a move, are trusting the whispers, and are done putting it off - and they can't go another day without making progress on the life they know they're meant to live.


You might be able to relate! You might be seeking clarity, support, and accountability so that you stop putting your dreams on hold and start creating a bold life unapologetically, authentically, and with enthusiasm. 


I use proven tools to provide an inspirational and brave space for self-discovery and self-acceptance so you can understand your limitations, gain clarity on your purpose and vision and finally see your desires come to life in the real world.


Bold Soul is a transformational program for the passionate woman committed to finding her authentic expression, stepping into her power, and shining and living unapologetically.

Image by Yehor Milohrodskyi
Image by Yehor Milohrodskyi

About the Bold Soul Program

Bold Soul is a two-month transformational online group coaching program guided by Claudia Whitney. Inside Bold Soul, you will take a specific area of your life, whether it is your financial reality, your self-confidence, your relationship with health and your body, or your relationship with your partner, and you will walk it through a deep dive healing and transformational process. Bold Soul is the only program you will ever need to practice and create the foundational confidence needed to bring your dreams to life. Together, we will walk through each week and learn tools and practices that will elevate you into aligning and trusting your power and becoming the best version of yourself.

What you'll get inside the program

The two-month Bold Soul Incubator includes...

- 8 weekly live group coaching calls starting August 4th!

- Additional tools to support you - hypnosis, meditation, worksheets, video tutorials, etc.

- Lifetime access to all call recordings and materials

- Private community of sisters


BONUS - Sign up before July 8th and get a BONUS activation pre-program 1:1 call.

group calls

lifetime access

private community

Image by Yehor Milohrodskyi
Image by Yehor Milohrodskyi

who is ready to finally shed the old patterns that have been keeping her stuck.

It's for the woman ready to fully redesign the areas of her life that have not been truly meeting her expectations.

It's for the woman ready to make a move and get sh*t done!

It's for the woman who desires to do the work on herself with other women, so she's backed 100%.

For the woman ready to LET GO of it all to step into who she is truly meant to be.

The woman that is ready to meet her growth edges so that she expands her capacity to receive and have more.

It's for the woman ready to do it her way and receive all the freaking magic!

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This program is for the woman...