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I'm super excited to be offering an inspirational bundle for your end-of-year motivation! It's also my Black Friday deal, so the offer won't last long.


If you're ready to do a little soul work and you are ready to connect to your true path, your inner power, passions, and wisdom, and live in alignment with your highest self - GRAB THIS BUNDLE. It was made for you! 

And the best part is you don't have to do it alone. You'll get a Clarify Your Vision Coaching Session with me! We can do this together and you'll walk away ready to take inspired action.

What are you waiting for? Grab it while it's hot!




+ Live On Purpose Interview Series: You get lifetime access to 28 interviews that will set your soul on fire! You'll hear stories of how my expert speakers found their soul purpose, pivoted in their careers, and kept going when it got hard, and you also get to hear how they get to help other women find their soul purpose.
Value: $297

+FIIVE-Day Connect To Your Calling Mini-Course:  A course to guide you on your path to your gifts, whispers + truth! Over five days you'll gain clarity on your calling and begin your journey to become the person who doesn't wait to create their own magic.
Value: $197

+Visualization Meditation for Manifestation: Clarify your dreams and use this meditation to enhance your manifestation process!
Value: $32

+ 'Clarify Your Vision' Coaching Session: A soulful coaching call where we dive deep, and I help you clarify what you're meant to do so you walk away inspired and with an action plan. I only ask that you come with the commitment to dive deep and desire to take action after our work together. And it's okay if you have no clue what you want! 
Value: $250






+ You are stuck in your career, relationships, health, and are ready to make a change.

+ You have a more significant gift to offer the world but are afraid to leave your comfort zone.

+ You have been putting everyone else's needs before your own.

+ You are perpetually overwhelmed, stressed, and can't find the time to work towards your vision.

+ You keep telling yourself it’s “too late” to reinvent your life.

+ You are ready to get out of the "victim loop" and take accountability to design the life you deserve.

+ You want to feel successful AND fulfilled in your life.

+ You are searching for your purpose.


Claudia and her Live on Purpose Interview Series are SO powerful!  If you know Claudia, you know that nothing she does is less than aww-inspiring.  She handpicked some incredible women and discussed some really JUICY topics from sex, pleasure, intimacy, spirituality, wellness, and so much more!  It's incredible to get a glimpse into these incredible women who are doing such important work in helping shift people's lives for the better.  Each interview took me on my own self-discovery journey and made me reflect on how can I implement their message and lessons into my life.  I feel like each one of these incredible women have an extraordinary talent to share with the world.  Getting a glimpse of what they do and realizing that they are incredible tools that are available to me in life, makes me feel like I have an edge on others that aren't in the know.  I CANNOT recommend this interview series enough. I've shared it with ALL the women in my life!  To pass up hearing these interviews is like passing up on hearing some of the most inspirational and life-changing stories of every day women living extraordinary lives. Trust me.. this is not something you want to miss.

–Khush I., USA

“Live On Purpose interview series is SO good. Claudia has done such a brilliant job at gathering inspiring women from all walks of life who are doing the work themselves, and literally transforming lives in the process. There is so much incredible content in the conversations, and there is something to take away from every single interview. If you’re looking for a coach, to build on your skills, further your personal journey , or are just curious, you’re in the right place. You’re an inspiration Claudia, thank you! “


-Kristi R., U.K

I know you feel a burning desire to create a meaningful life that reflects your values and beliefs. It's never too late to feel the fire. Never too late to change your life. Never too late to live a life full of enthusiasm and joy. It's time to align your outer world with your inner spiritual life.  

My goal is to help you become super clear so you can start living in alignment with your core values, and highest self. I will create a safe space for honest conversation so you can find your version of self-discovery. 

I'm committed to being there for you 100%. You have to make the same commitment to yourself. 

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